The Mantle Has Been Passed!

The Lord gave the word; Great was the company of those who proclaimed it (Psalm 68:11 NKJ)

Bob from will assume the management of effective immediately.  Many of us have enjoyed the ministry of ChristianPF while saving a buck or two in the process.

You may also have noticed that I have not been adding content as of late.  There are multiple reasons for this but the bottom line is that I do not have the resources to maintain this ministry with the quality that it deserves.  While I will no longer manage, I still believe in its ministry and know that Bob will do an outstanding job in providing the solid Bible-based content that will enable us to apply divine wisdom to our temporal resources.

Bob has been an enthusiastic supporter of since before day one.  I remember emailing him for some advice as I began to assemble this humble blog.  He has the vision and the expertise to take WealthFromTheBible to the next level while, at the same time, maintaining its integrity.

I’m excited about this transition and look forward to following Bob’s progress.  Please join me in welcoming Bob to WealthFromTheBible.

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