God’s Building Plan: Sowing & Reaping

Genesis 8:22 (New King James Version)

22 “While the earth remains, Seedtime and harvest, Cold and heat, Winter and summer, And day and night

Shall not cease.”

In this first teaching entry of Wealth From The Bible, I think it is appropriate to start at the book of beginnings: Genesis.

In this passage we see that, as long as we walk this Earth, we can draw on God’s promise that the seed we plant and nurture will reap a harvest. I believe that his promise goes beyond agriculture. Galatians 6:7-9 shows us that our actions will reap a harvest.

I think that it is significant to examine this passage in its context. God spoke this promise to Noah (and to us) after delivering Noah’s family from a flood that wiped out the rest of humanity. Noah saw firsthand how the actions of the wicked reaped a sobering result.

Noah also witnessed God’s mercy in this trial. Noah and his family were the direct beneficiaries of this mercy. Noah acknowledged this by worshipping God as soon as he stepped off the boat. Although Noah’s family was spared, Noah certainly realized that he and his family had to build a new life for themselves. It was in this setting that God spoke for this promise.

So how can we tie this to the financial realm?

· First of all, this passage emphasizes that God is our provider. While we may work for an employer or somehow engage in a livelihood, we must realize that the Lord is ultimately our source.

· There are practical benefits to worshipping God. Revelation follows worship. God will comfort us and counsel us as we walk in partnership with Him. Is it a coincidence that Noah chose farming as his occupation after this dialogue? God advice can benefit our careers and pocketbook.

· Our substance plays a role in our worship of God. Noah took of every clean animal in his possession and offered it to the Lord. In bible times, animals were a measure of a person’s wealth. When we invest our substance in God, this is a form of worship and an investment (i.e. we are sowing).

Long-Term Investment Plan For All Residents of Earth

As long as we are residents of this third planet from the Son, we are promised seasons of seedtime and harvest. If you want to see an increase of something in your life, you must plant it as seed. The bible says that fruit reproduces after its kind. You have God’s word on it. And there is no higher authority.

But wait there’s more! We can take that seed from prior plantings and replant it for an even greater harvest. Like that obnoxious bunny in those commercials it keeps going and going and … well, you get the idea!

This is THE ultimate dividend reinvestment plan!

There is, however, a CATCH. The catch is that we can also reap BAD stuff too! Galatians 6:7-9 makes it clear that if we sow to our sinful nature, we will reap destruction. That would tend to ruin your day eternity.

Of course the first — and most important — step toward total spiritual fulfillment is to join God’s Kingdom.

So, in order to reap the good and avoid the bad, it literally pays to follow the teachings of the Lord of the Harvest. That is what this web site is all about. We want to assist you in this wonderful, prosperous journey into Divine abundance. Please visit us often.

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