Pass Travel on United Airlines – What is it?

The Pass Travel on United Airlines is actually a free travel pass, which is a privilege given to a certain group of passengers to utilize a public transport service for free. This means that they do not need to present a ticket or pay up for the fare. However, they are required to present their ID that is issued by either their employer or from the one that sponsored their flight, or the transit provider.

The types of passengers that receive the Pass Travel on United Airlines are as follows:

– The disabled
– The elderly
– Students, but usually they are given the U-Pass
– Military personnel and public safety workers
– System employees and also their dependents
– Children below 20 years of age

Where does the funding come from?

The funding comes from sponsors, usually private institutions, but they are freely given away by either one of the following:

– Universities or schools where they can get it through their education funding or the students’ fees
– Employers giving ti to their staff, for example like job tickets
– Cross subsidy coming from the other passengers
– Local, regional or national governments that are taken from taxation

The Pass Riders

Those taking the flights of free travel pass under United Airlines are referred to as Pass Riders.

According to the guidelines, they are responsible for all the pass travel transactions and that they are encouraged to guard the passwords safely, even from among the pass riders that wish to use or book a pass travel. They are also responsible for understanding the tax calculations of the pass travel and also providing the information and the practices to all the persons that uses the flight privileges. These people that are held responsible are the retirees, employees and the early-out participants. They are also the ones to ensure that their pass riders know it well about the pass’ information and the practices on all persons that uses their flight privileges. They should comply and understand the policies on the pass travel.

United Airlines expects that the employees, retirees and the early-out participants interact with the customer service representatives, pilots, flight attendants and many other employees in a very professional manner. The pass rider is then defined as being an individual carrying the pass travel privileges and using it, like or not limited to the employee, retiree or the early-out participant and the ones legible for the pass such as their enrolled friend, buddy, children and parents. The airlines is also expecting the pass riders to treat the employees and the other passengers during the flight with respect in each interaction they do, whether it is through email, phone, external communications or in person. It also includes with various other media as well like social media.

All the reduced-rate tickets and the travel passes are provided only for leisure travel and should not be sold or be used for business purposes or personal gain. Leisure travel is also subjected for audit. Those that tend to travel frequently are also advised to keep their documentation close that proves or verifies their travel that it is only for leisure.